Clinic Re-Open

To comply with the government guidelines, our clinic will partially restore acupuncture and Chinese medicine services for the most needing customers on May 19th, 2020. To protect everyone from Covid-19, the following procedures will be applied.

· Please book your appointment ahead and come on the time;

· If you are suffering any cold or flu symptom such as fever, cough, or sore throat, please consult us by phone or our telecare on website;

· If you have come back from out of BC, or have contact anyone has been diagnosed Covid-19 positive, please stay at home for at least for 14 days;

· If you need someone come with you, please make sure only one accompany is allowed;

· You may want to have your own face mask on at all time in the clinic.

Please note, if you are older than 65, or you have any of following conditions --diabetes, heart diseases, over weight, or you are very worrying about COVID-19, please consult before you make an appointment. We will maintain a safe environment as much as possible, but you may need to count the risk according to your own situation.


根据政府指示, 京城医馆将于5月19日起针对特别需要的患者部分恢复针灸、中医服务。为了大家的健康,请遵循以下要求:

· 提前预约并按时就诊;

· 如果有感冒、发烧、喉咙痛等症状请先电话或网络咨询;

· 如刚从省外返回或接触过新冠确诊者,请先自我隔离14天;

· 如就诊时需要陪同,请仅限一名陪诊者;

· 如愿意可在就诊期间自戴口罩。

如果您年过65, 或者患有糖尿病、心脏病、肥胖症,又或者极度担心感染COVID-19,请在预约前咨询就诊的必要性。我们会尽力保持就诊环境的安全,但您需要自己评估有关风险。

Open hours 应诊时间