Injured or Pain?

Been injured in a sport activity or car accident such as ligaments sprain, whiplash associated disorder, or rotator cuff tear?

Got some musculoskeletal pain such as headache, neck pain, lower back pain, or tennis elbow from strain or stress?

Been diagnosed with degeneration related pain or dysfunction like hernia of disc, frozen shoulder, or osteoarthritis?

Have you been suffering any of the above for a long time? Have you tried many therapies and disappointed on the outcome? You may want to consult Dr. Song.

Actually, the recovery of an injury is a very complicated process. Dr. Song can provide you with a proper treatment based on the holistic assessment, which may help to accelerate the recovery progress. As you know the acceleration only happens when a therapist knows to apply specific therapeutic techniques on certain structures at proper time, that is why the proper techniques and the accurate assessment are both important.

For weekdays, Dr. Song works from Tuesday to Friday, and late on Tuesdays and Fridays. On the weekends, appointments are open on Sundays. The clinic is in the Metrotown area and nearby Royal Oak Station. Please call 604-432-7209 for your appointment.

If you are injured in a car accident, you can get ICBC pre-authorized treatments. If you have an extended health care plan, you may be able to claim your acupuncture expense from your insurance company.